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Individual Editing Services

What we offer

We take care to provide multiple service levels to fit a variety of copy editing and proofreading needs. Maybe you feel your work is fairly well-written, but still lacks that final bit of polishing that would take it to the next level. Or maybe writing isn’t necessarily your forte and you think your work needs wordsmithing, formatting, or editing efforts. Regardless of the scale of the work, we can do it.

Our individual editing services include:

Basic Proofreading

This service merely identifies mistakes that need correction, without additional editing. It addresses issues such as:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Misspellings
  • Active vs. Passive
  • Number/font mechanics (consistent)
  • Punctuation
  • Basic word choice
  • Typos
  • Verb tenses
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Sentence structure
Academic Editing

This service can be added a la carte to any of the other service packages or as a standalone service. It adds an additional layer of verification for:

  • Adherence to Chicago, MLA, or Turabian styles
  • Correctly listed front-/back-matter (Title, TOC, Appendices, Glossary, etc.)
Complete Editing w/Comments

This service includes the Basic Proofreading services, plus inline editorial suggestions related to issues like:

  • Document organization and structure
  • Logical flow of concepts
  • Areas/points of confusion
  • Main points properly supported by text
  • Parallel item construction (sentences, lists, etc.)
  • Advanced word choice (connotation, tone, repetition)
  • Underdeveloped concepts
  • Consistent style and voice
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Correct mechanics (numbers, font, tables/figures, headers/footers, footnotes/cross-references)
  • Appropriate use of technical terms
  • Readability
Document Formatting and Layout

This service addresses something many other copyeditors don’t: the visual style of the document. It offers feedback on:

  • Presentation of graphics (consistent alignment, visual formatting)
  • Consistent use of document styles
  • Effective use of tables/figures (creating when needed)
  • Suggestions for more effectively grabbing the reader’s visual attention
  • Suggestions for more clearly communicating the information present (e.g. when text could be represented as a table)

The look of your documents makes a first impression even before readers get to your content. Having a visually-pleasing document can make the difference between boring or engaging, which is why this option is so popular (especially among Academic clients).

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